This is so wonderful!
Will definitely use this in class!
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I made a page that gives you increasingly absurd trolley problems :)

Hey there friend! You look like you like video games! Do you like writing about them too? Are you interested in getting to put your creative work out there?

If so, get in touch with us through this form and see about joining the team!

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If you are okay with having Muslim, Jewish and Hindu students sit through a Christian prayer in public school, and not okay with having Christian students sit through a Muslim, Jewish or Hindu prayer, then it’s NOT religious freedom- it’s religious oppression.

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👾 Challengers! Arcade Spirits: The New Challengers' demo is out on Steam!

💘 With 6 new characters to befriend/romance
🎨 Design your protagonist & rival, choose pronouns, skin tone & more!
🎮 Import decisions from Arcade Spirits!

Play the demo here 👉

Das war doch die mit dem "So lüften sie richtig"-Video, oder?
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➡️Dorothee Feller wird Ministerin für Schule und Bildung.

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Reclaim Earth from merciless machine lifeforms in NieR:Automata The End of YorHa Edition, landing on 06/10.

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Princess Chichae can't wait to welcome you to the Kingdom! Err...let's change that to "Quest Receptionist" Chichae. 😝

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Do you live in a state that bans abortions? With the help of mail-forwarding, you can still get safe, effective abortion pills from a doctor in days.

RT this thread to spread the word—so the people who need help learn how they can get it:

Spoiler: Nichts.
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Heute ist in NRW letzter Schultag. Ab Montag könnten dann also in Vorbereitung auf den kommenden Corona-Herbst in allen Klassenzimmern Luftfilter installiert werden. Bin so gespannt, was passieren wird.

The network performance of on Switch is terrible! Played one round, have been sitting on the Waiting for rewards screen for 10 minutes now.

@craigmaloney Oh, I haven't even logged in on Goodreads for--checks notes--years. Are they still around?

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Get the Item Pack: SUNBREAK Demo Player Bonus at launch! demo save data is needed to grab these goodies. 👇

60 Mega Potions
15 Pitfall Traps
30 Energy Drinks
15 Mega Demondrugs
15 Mega Armorskins

Nintendo Switch:

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yeeeeeeees!
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Ein Schleier aus Raserei erwartet die, die sich dem Gore Magala in stellen.

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