Wäre das Geld für die Werbung nicht besser in die Modernisierung der Gebäude geflossen?

Möchtegernveränderer, die irgendwelche Ideen über Schule haben, gibt es schon genug.

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Unser großer Bildungshackathon @wirfuerschule@twitter.com pflastert gerade Kreuzungen, Bahnhöfe und Einkaufsstraßen quer durch die Republik ❤️ Ich liebe es, dass das Thema Bildung so viel Aufmerksamkeit bekommt!

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Diese könnt ihr jetzt im My Nintendo Store vorbestellen!

Jedes amiibo kann von jedem Kunden nur einmal erworben werden. Jetzt vorbestellen: bit.ly/3itCkEf

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Yes, so much yes!

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Skellboy Refractured by @UmaikiGames@twitter.com, and published by us at Fabraz, is now officially available on the Nintendo Switch!

This insane update adds co-op, smash-like achievements, randomized dungeons, a post-game campaign and so much more! Hooray!❤️

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Weil Bildung so wichtig ist.

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Brandmeldeanlage defekt. 100 KuK bekommen Trillerpfeifen. 🤣

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Something for you, @blauerpunto@twitter.com and @agentK@twitter.com?

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from @stonewheat@twitter.com and @soldout@twitter.com is getting delivered on Aug. 31 for !

Pre-order today and receive the Early Bird Pack: ninten.do/6015V2Bo1

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My favourite @amorphis@twitter.com album!

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Another anniversary! Released on this day 10 years ago🤘What’s your favourite song?

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My copy arrived. Can't wait to start playing later!

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Remake the world or destroy it? The choice is yours in Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster, out now on !

Buy now: bit.ly/2Ss4g0g

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Oh yeah!

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Fantasy Life port!! Where is it dang it!!?? I NEEDS IT!!! 😤🔥

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⚠️PAY ATTENTION to rising crisis in UK—crucial because India variant affects us all. It is now ~50% of all cases in England, surging fast, especially in kids. Hospital ward in Bolton🇬🇧 filling up. “It’s too late to contain” @chrischirp@twitter.com 🧵

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@Bris_pit@twitter.com We're not necessarily looking for reviewers (although, never adverse to more capable writers).

The role is far more encompassing and offers a more creative platform to conceptualise and implement your ideas and with it, shape the future of our humble site.

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What the fuck is wrong with these people?
How can they be such assholes?

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words fail me.

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