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Do you have a Switch NA Account? Do you like chill games where you walk around and complete quests by taking photos? Do you like free stuff? If you answered yes, please like and retweet to enter in a chance to win TOEM from the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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Thanks to all who helped us reach a new milestone! To show appreciation, we’re giving away a Nintendo Switch OLED model and physical EAS game of choice [supply permitting]!

For a chance to win:
☑️Tag a friend

(Drawing 11pm ET October 18th)

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What mileage do you get out of a sack of carrots?

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"I’m on a horse, I'm on a horse, he don't need petrol, coz he runs on carrots" 🥕🥕🥕

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Excitement level:
green - hype
yellow - well ...
red - nope

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Time to decide! What are you most excited about from the latest ?

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Querdenker ERSCHIESST vorsätzlich einen 20-jährigen Studenten, um „ein Zeichen zu setzen“ gegen Maskenpflicht. Die CDU überlegt, wie man angemessen reagiert - und veröffentlicht einen Spot, in dem Armin Laschet mit einem Querdenker diskutiert. Das ist ein Tiefpunkt ohne Gleichen.

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I still have the vinyl of this one somewhere...

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Sept 10th 1990 released the single "Holy Smoke"

Did you know...
It was their first single to feature guitarist Janick Gers.
The B-side has covers of Stray's "All in Your Mind" and Golden Earring's "Kill Me Ce Soir".

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European civilization is built on ham and cheese, which allowed protein to be stored throughout the icy winters.

Without this, urban societies in most of central Europe would simply not have been possible.

This is also why we have hardback books. Here's why. 1/

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We appreciate there is a lot of love for GUST Studios video game releases, so this week's is a merchandise/digital game download bundle.

To enter, follow @koeitecmoeurope@twitter.com and Like & RT this post. This ends on September 7th!

Good luck, !

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