18 years ago...

Cyprus, Czechia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia joined the EU.


A first generation of citizens now entering adulthood have only known their country being in the EU!


@EU_Commission and should any of those countries enact article 51, those people will have those rights they were born with taken from them, and the EU will do absolutely nothing to protect them. Example: UK ex-european citizens have lost their EU rights because of the Conservative party's infighting and social media manipulation.


@martyn @EU_Commission Yes, but they had a vote on losing their rights.
(Also, they were lied to, but that is a different matter.)

@TexJoachim @EU_Commission and that makes it okay? So as long as I ask two people who hate you and you if you should be treated as a second-class citizen, it's fine to do so? Well you had your say, in a vote that was unfair, so you can't complain.

@TexJoachim @EU_Commission so many ways. Not legal by EU standards to act on a referendum with such a low margin. Illegal amount of funding of manipulative campaigning, etc etc.

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