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Wie es sich gehört: bietet neben einer englischen auch die originale 🇯🇵 japanische Sprachausgabe! : Wir verlosen ein Exemplar!

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TNS: 18.08.22, 22:00
TNB: nrdy.deals/tnb

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Happy launch day! We're holding a digital to celebrate!🎁

To enter simply:
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We'll pick 5 lucky winners TODAY! Good luck! 💜
(16 + only)

Hallo, @BernothS!
Ich darf dich wegen der Karl-Roboter anschreiben?

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Hi everyone!

We recently released and now we’re doing a of some adorable stickers and t-
PodeKids is a free collection of activities for the youngest. We’re inviting everyone to retweet and share your love before the 11th to win merch.

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Realsatire, die

Typ, der sich drei Tage lang auf Kosten der Steuerzahler bei seiner Protz-Hochzeit beschützen ließ und noch nicht mal die Trauung in der Kirche bezahlen musste, faselt beim von .

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Am Ende des letzten ILTB gab es eine interessante Diskussion (@TilmanMichaeli) zum Thema graph. Programmierung.

Nun kann ich stolz die neueste Version von präsentieren, in der man auch graphisch (ähnlich wie bei Scratch) programmieren kann.


Oh, the cuteness!
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⚡The Spirit and the Mouse ⚡

Play as Lila the mouse! Help humans, and meet a cast of colorful Spirits in this charming narrative adventure!

🎮 PC/Switch fall 2022!

🐭 Wishlist: steam.pm/app/1679210
🐀Discord: discord.gg/satm
🐁Made by: @AlexStrook & @LucieLescuyer

A Walk Down Memory Lane of Battle Gimmicks | Big Daddy Digest

With the trailer showing us what's new, let's also look back at some of the other gimmicks and advancements Pokémon has added to their battles.


Ok, I normally use VSCode, Markdown and Marp to create my presentations. Results in nice clean websites.

Just found out the hard way that I can't open the presentation locally on my iPad.

Hinoa and Minoto both using Hunting Horns: The Best!
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Bringing certain Follower pairings into 's Support Surveys can lead to charming results and special dialogue!

With the power of friendship and Bunny Dango on their side, nothing can stop Rondine and Hinoa!

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It's time! For a chance to win a digital copy of , be sure to follow @miketendo64, Like & RT this tweet and comment what you like to experience most in the game and your region. Winner to be announced August 5th!!!

One thing you immediately notice playing after Monster Hunter or Borderlands 2: fall damage exists!

(Respawning at checkpoint again.)

I wrote about the latest instalment of my favourite video game series!
| |

Ready to take on some more titanic monsters? @TexJoachim sure is! Which is why he's going to tell us all about that monster hunting goodness @CapcomEurope gave us in the last expansion!


4 of my favourite games for the C64!
Where do I get an Evercade from?
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Bring the golden age of the 80s home with THEC64 Collection 1 for the Evercade 👌

14 unforgettable games from THEC64 home computer system!! 🖥⌨🖱

Individual cart 👉 bit.ly/3PWEObu
Shop the bundle 👉 bit.ly/3zyJq2e

Hey, @moers_de, das wäre doch was, oder?
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Seit kurzem steht ein Elektrogrill auf . Ihr könnt den Grill zwischen 10 und 22 Uhr für je 50 Minuten für 5 € anmieten. Die Chipkarte zum Freischalten des ist an der Kasse der Strandbar erhältlich. konstanz.de/service/presserefe

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